Frequently Asked Questions

Can I write more than once to God?

Yes, you can write as many times as you want. In fact, the more you communicate with God, the more you will strengthen your relationship with Him.

How will the institution channel these letters to God? What will be done with all the letters?

The moment you are writing your letter, your physical words are printed on paper or screen but your non-physical thoughts/feelings automatically travel into the non-physical region where God resides. Hence your message is instantly channeled through your thoughts to God.

However all the letters will be collected by the institution to form a bank of beautiful messages to God. These messages will give a lot of inspirations and hope to humanity.

Will anybody read my letter?

Your letter will be read and your positive ideas may be shared if you select the ‘public’ option in the ‘confidentiality’ section. A panel will then select inspirational letters that may be shared during related-events and display on our website.

You are free to remain anonymous and you may choose to keep your letter confidential by choosing the ‘confidential’ option. Your decision will be respected.

I pray regularly so why should I write to God?

  • Letter writing has positive benefits. You may express emotions, gratitude and other feelings.
  • One can experience an increase in overall well-being; increased levels of happiness and life satisfaction.
  • Depressive symptoms can decrease quite significantly and happiness and life satisfaction can increase.
  • It helps writers confront their emotions.
  • Penning emotions, attitudes, and feelings can help create peace.

How will my letter reach God? Will God receive my letter through mail or website? Will God answer me and how?

God is living and real, not a matter of speculation. Our connection or communication with Him should not be based on fear or superstitions of the past. It is necessary for us to re-establish a living contact with Him based on understanding certain realities of life:

  1. The physical body is made of matter; but the faculties of thinking, feeling, forming ideas, desiring and deciding are non-physical and are manifest in consciousness or soul or spirit.         
  2. There are 3 eternal operative forces; God, souls and matter or nature.
  3. There are 2 fields of existence: the physical and the metaphysical (non-physical). Both fields act and react and interact to produce this incredible world drama of which we are all part including God. On the physical level their interaction between souls and matter. And at the metaphysical level there is interaction between souls and God, the Supreme Soul.

Hence whatever be the means of communication (letter, email, web) we use at the physical level, it is in fact our thoughts, feelings and intentions (our non-physical message) that reach God and He will respond via the same non-physical route; which is perceptible only at the level of mind in the form of highest thoughts, called inspirations and purest feelings, called experiences.

So be ready to open your mind and heart to get an answer from God. Good Luck!

Which God should I write to?

There is an endless stream of human theories and concepts about God which appear to create confusion. But ultimately I should ask myself how far I, the individual, have the experience of His powers and qualities. My connection with God should not be based on fear and confusion. The basis of forming a relationship with anyone is knowledge about who they are.

Here are some universal concepts about God which might help you understand and relate to Him:

He is One and He is Light

He is the Creator

He is the Highest among all souls

He is omnipotent. He is non-physical.

He is the Supreme Benefactor

He is the Purifier.

He is the savior of all souls.

Even in polytheistic religions, there is one God who stands above the others.