Options for writing to God

You can either write your letter

1. by using this website. Click here.

2. by sending it as an email to writetogod.mu@gmail.com

3. by writing on a sheet of paper and posting it free of charge at any post office in the Republic of Mauritius to the following address: Write to God, PO Box 250, Port Louis.



God is the Comforter of Hearts and therefore responds  to the language of pure feelings that come from the depth of your heart.  Hence, we welcome letters in any language convenient to you:

English, French, Creole, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, Mandarin/Hakka/Cantonese.



You can choose to either keep your letter confidential (Confidential letter) or allow it to be read by the organisers (Public letter).

Important note:   By selecting ‘Public’, you give permission to the organisers to read your letter and share it with the public.  If you select confidential, your letter will be acknowledged only and not  opened. 



By submitting your letter through this website or sending it as an email, you will receive get a blessing card which you can choose save and/or share on social media.