Benefits of writing to God

1. Increase Overall Well-Being

a. One can experience an increase in overall well-being; increased levels of happiness and life satisfaction.

b.depressive symptoms can decrease quite significantly and their happiness and life satisfaction can increase.

2. Help Writers Confront Their Emotions

a. We’re all emotional beings… yes, even those of you who don’t choose to show your feelings! Psychologists have long trusted letter-writing as an effective way to effectively sort through and deal with their emotions, especially negative ones directed at another person. By spending time to write a letter, writers can confront their unresolved feelings or fears. We can all use a little release sometime, wouldn’t you agree?

b. Additionally, penning emotions, attitudes, and feelings can help create a peace surrounding them. Letter writers are more likely to accept their state–whether it be physical, mental, or emotional. This can reduce anxiety.

3. Strengthen our Relationships with GOD

a. As this quote states, “sending a letter is the next best thing to showing up personally at someone’s door.” There’s a deep feeling of emotional connection between the sender and receiver that can strengthen bonds and increase perceived closeness.

b. You will feel the constant presence of God and his companionship

c. Letter writing has positive benefits. You may express emotions, gratitude and other feelings. When you write, you can take as much time as you need to create your words and reflect on what you'd like to say.