About the project

Write To God is a platform for connecting people to God by sharing their gratitude, inner hopes, dreams, concerns, fears, aspirations or wishes.

This initiative goes beyond age, race, gender, religion, race, or any other affiliation.  It is based on the premise that we are all God’s children, all citizens of the world

Imagine when all Mauritians unite under one theme; all writing to God; it will bring a sense of unity that is needed in our country.  Studies have shown that writing is therapeutic and our experience has been that when we write to a Higher Power, a natural sense of peace emerges.


The Idea

The Write to God project in this present format was initiated in Kenya in 2013 and has since then been replicated in over 35 African countries.

When one of the founder members from Kenya shared her experiences about the project during a visit in Mauritius, it motivated some souls to roll it out in our island too.

Other countries like Australia have also carried out a different version of such a project.



To provide a platform for individuals in Mauritius to create positive change and have good wishes and peaceful thoughts for the world, by connecting to God.


To inspire the maximum number of people in the Republic of Mauritius to write to God as from 2nd May to 31st May 2015.


Serve selflessly the people of Mauritius to encourage Love, Peace and Unity.